there  is a cat  on my bed, rolling in a sunbeam,and i swear at times she actually smiles.

 look at my excellent cat.

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Antero smile

blah dee blah:)

 Yesterday  started out feeling dim and gross but ended  in a wonderful way.  the lovely joyousandjuicy  was kind enough to have me over ( along with another gal pal, C,also awesomeness) and  we ended up with grrl time,  chocolate fondue , gabbing and   deranged giggles of many sorts. dancing. dancing too tres fun!
    joyous gifted me with not only a rockin'  skirt which i love but the exact perfect thing that i have been wanting for   months now: a perfectly sized pendant necklace, not too gaudy, on a chain,  that sits just right. Im not sure what stone it is, but its white and i LOVE it so much i may never ever take it off except as required. How did she know the exact pendant shape and size?? i have no clue how she knew .
intuitive grrly i guess.

Beautiful S starts his new job today  and this evening is family dinner :)
  i hoping today is as good as yesterday and that yours is too.

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i am struck with the distinct inability to articulate my thoughts as of late.

  cut my hair today. no moar split ends. its still long, dont freak out.

 that is all.
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 making shepards pie.
had cuddles and some sleep
felt better. got up. more talking, felt better still.
 maybe cuddle up with menfolk and a movie later on; its not necessarily sexual, but i sure as anything  like to be in the middle.

 cat sits on my desk, does the stretchy cat feet thing, omg, its so cute.

blah. blah blah.
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it can be a dark,weird place in here sometimes.

 somedays i want to tattoo my skin with snakes and ravens and owls and a million tiny  prayers . everywhere.
i feel like theres a quiet rumble inside of me, heating up, brewing, but not quite ready to shine.....
 a little girl waiting to  awaken and finally be fully grown.
 thats me.

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beauty and beast

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i am so proud of my Love!!
 he just came out,and told his mom hes poly.
 " Do you have threesomes with them?"

 "..Oh my!"

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 stuff takes as long as it takes.

 we can push ourselves to evolve, take the pain, a little at a time. flex the muscle.

 As long as we keep trying and love ourselves as we go along.
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i thought i was making a dress. 

 I think its actually a cloak.

 most definately a cloak, yes.
 i think it needs to be lined in  Black velvet... hmmmmmmmm
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