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broad generalisations bother me... in general.

 So,after two years of a rotting shower,  a continuously over flowing bathroom sink  that wouldnt  drain properly  and required  hourly bailing
( broken pipe under the house that they refused to fix, bits of bark and sand  coming into our home every day and distroyed the kitchen floor in a matter of weeks), a busted hot water heater that was only replaced thanks to the valiant efforts of our upstairs nieghbor,  the gas being shut off randomly because the manger simply didnt pick up the bills and look  at them / tell us how much was needed to pay for over a month, A burst pipe in the living room which ruined many pieces of furniture,  a huge hole in my sons ceiling that was never repaired, and SWARMS of ginormous carpenter ants hatching all through the summer from  every single crack in that damn place ( they knew about the carpenter ants before we even moved in, but did nothing for it) and a mudroom that was non functional and  entirely rotting with mold, we have finally left the slum  that we once called home.

What this also means is that  we are no longer in the overt land of rascism and homophobia, even from the NICE people... Literally every time we went out on the bus or socialised, we heard it. Not only from adults, but from the YOUTH, the mouths of babes. Faggot this. faggot that.  My children  hearing hate speach every day,  being told they arent normal for having long hair . i mean,come on.  As a woman friend of mine has said before,Thats been fairly normal since the seventies, people. get with the times already. And then you wonder why i dont want to  hang out with you. THATS WHY. Youre kind of a judgemental prick.

 Away from the street where the most commonly heard  yelled phrase  is " fuck you',
" Get your ass in here"
"i'll give you something to cry about!" And "Shut the hell up".
Where  threats of domestic violence are as common as the  rain.
 where nearly openly everyone drinks to numb the pain
 Where when you piss off a  supposedly close family memeber they  flat out refuse to tell you what  the issue is, and instead , when you approach them politely about it , come back with Well if you dont know im not gunna tell you SO THERE, in not so many words. very Mature.

 And then maybe  you wonder why they no longer want you to  hang out with and influince their childrens emotional development, especially when you have gone out of your way to make it abundantly clear that you disaprove of the way they are bringing those intensely intelligent sweet children up, even to said childrens faces. Maybe you wonder why those kids are so affectionate and loving, so intelligent and trusting, so out spoken and  quirky and fun.... its because they trust thier parents and tell them EVERYTHING, because they know deep down that no matter what , even if mom or dad disagree with what they choose to do in thier lives, mom and dad will still support them in their right to make those choices and not make them fell like heavily judged freaks because of who they are, and what they cant change about themselves.

 Where its bettter to lie to your spouse about what you want and need and do ( out of habit or fear or the desire to make her your mother and responsible for holding you back from  freedom in your life), as opposed to  being straight foreward and honest about what you want and need to make you deep down happy. Where people seem to be running away from their lives instead of toward them

 Im glad we have finally moved. So so glad.


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