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Theres a beautiful man in  my our kitchen . He made dinner , and now he is doing the dishes.
 today has been long. the kids threw tantrums and i came to tears, lost my temper, i yelled.  I nearly spanked. i wanted to spank. i got calm instead. it was a LONG day.
 My boyfriend witnesses it all, calmly, and accepts.  i had fear surrounding him seeing the way we really are; because now i'm not just his sex date, im an emotional wreck  mother with three  occasionally deranged children. but positive things are coming from this as well. I feel more supported in my parenting than i have in years by both of the men . We eat dinner at the table properly,  the kids go to sleep  bed without too much trouble, stuff gets mostly done.... im still crazy though

  one of the best things so far about living there though, is the murder of crows. i was worried that  once we moved there would be no more ravens about and that i would miss them,But! the murder of crows that comes every evening, perhaps fourhundred sqwaking squalling,  black eyed  imps surround the house in droves,  flapping and cawing , as dark and brilliant as anything ive ever seen.  Its terribly exciting!!!

 and still, no camera.
 i'm busy. there are a million things in my head, but im glad we moved here. it was time.
Everything is pretty good, i think.
 I think.


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