witchmother (meternieth) wrote,

  • Mood:
  • surrounded by various states of piles of CRAP, both packed and unpacked,
  •  listening to the menfolk discuss Audio Stuff, microphones, etc.
  • feeling intensely emotionally raw and disconnected  and  floaty today, maybe its the weather ,butsrsly who fucking knows.
  • i think the men are in cahoots and it frightens and yet , pleases me  much more than just  a little.
  •  some of the shit i am learning about myself scares me. i'm processing alot of anger, seeing ways in which i block myself, redeveloping  my  long term vision, and getting to the root of  things i  just couldnt look at before. tough.
  •  im strong. i get frustrated but i always come back to what is really important to me, what i really want deep down. sometimes that means compromise . Building a strong family and contributing to the world in that way,  expressing my love through servitude.
  •  i may have a new job setting up office cells, but tell you more about that later on.
 "want to get ' list.

 room devider
floor lamp
 Large plant
any old couches/ very spacific material to make slip covers.
 new white candles
 sage to burn

..... must now go flea comb cats.\ OY VEY.
purple and red paint for feature walls/ (debbie travis collection)

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