witchmother (meternieth) wrote,

  • Mood:
  1. cat box/ wash /comb cats
  2.  laundry/ towels/ change sheets
  3.  bag /box moar stuff
  4.  Sewing corner
  5. livroom tidy
  6. bathroom scrub
  7. vacuum
  8. make potatoes
  9.  keep kids from killing one another
  10. figure out outfit for Apo got it nailed down to one of two...
  11.  pack bag for saturday
  12. talk to Ajia about Saturday/pack her gift
  13.  get house ready for superseekrit special guest visitor!!1 :D:)
  14.  move stuff so its outta the way for the most part
  15. bleed
  16. find other wallet, that has dissapeared now that i found the other other wallet.
  17.  charge batteries and find out camera policy for the Vogue
  18. etc?
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