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he'll have a scar, but he will be okay.

human beings are both fragile and strong.  still cant get the sound of my sons screams out of my head, and hes okay now.its true about  adrenaline. i got calm, clamped my  hand on the wound  and screamed for my upstairs nighbor to call the ambulance, told her where my wallet was to get his care card, told her our address and phone number and  to tell the  person that it was a  severe facial wound, all while engaging him quietly . he was terrified, and i wasnt sure how deep it was. but look. he will be okay, thats all that matters now.
 So much blood, i have never seen this much blood, ever.. the bleeding stopped, they came finally  and we went to the hospital.  He was the calmest, most trusting patient little six year old patient  the doc has ever seen , despite knowing that this is who he is at heart, even i was floored by my sons quiet strength. This kid trusts me so much that  once i told him, hey this man here is trained to do this job and help you,  that he didnt flinch once. not  for the freezing needle, not for twenty five stitches.\

 now healing begins.  i ask that all of you, those who beleive in something and those who  use thier energy in  healing ways send him your  thoughts  of love right now.  hes a strong little man, but he could use the support.
 i've never met anyone this brave. ever.
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