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BAck now. its okay. the kids are safe up the road in a much more secure house. let it never be said that  the family doesnt band together in a time of crisis.   Theyve picked the strongest house and its sentry duty in turn,; tonight i experienced "hunting" for the first time,.  For some people its a rabbit or a squirrel the first time.. For me it was at a hundred miles an hour behind the wheel of the  undead nieghbors stolen Jimmy, that i dont actually know how to drive, but somehow had the guts to hot wire with my kids strapped in the back seat. its amazing what you'll do for love, eh? Crunch. have you ever felt the expiration  of a body? its like...meat. its like,. Thud. 
 Once the kids were safe i  topped up the tank, turned around and headed back this way again,. gee, i guess i do know how to drive.
 looking for steve. i circled round to his workplace but it was late by then, i had hoped he would be home. but when i got here, nothing.
So i waited, in the dark, hoping.  finally he came back, he'd been out risking his own  life,looking for us in a silent panic; we held each other crying in the dark.

 Theres been a broadcast, : its over supposedly,
 but who knows.
 Time to head back out and join the crew.

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