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not quite yet dark.

he insisted on going to work, yet. he  stilldoesnt believe it.   news reports  fall on deaf ears.
 " Didnt you ever hear about of War of the worlds?"
 saying good bye  was just that. it was saying goodbye. i didnt cry.  what if hes right. god let him be right. the  unusual quiet outside though, sends a shiver up my spine.
i will wait. and begged him to call me later on.
 what about the power outage? i cried.
 they just blew a fuse upstairs. calm down.
 the power came back on, but still.. theres no reasoning with him.
 im sure he feels the same way about me right now.
 do whatever you have to do to keep yourself sane today, kiss.
 then he just... left.
 i ve told the kids it s a game.  they are cheerful,  but  can feel their anxiety as well. they arent sure.
 Earlier, more wailing upstairs and a terrible terrible thump, then screaming. then silence.  then footsteps out the front and the door slamming,  the car pulling away, rapidly

. Any thump or unusual sound outside and i am right there, finger to my lips. Shush.
 i accept what i cannot change. i will protect what is truely mine, though.  Only they matter now

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