September 22nd, 2008

Antero smile

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 Steve and i spent this morning together, talking/walking, doing errands and hanging out arm in arm; we got jam and coffee filters,  looked in Canadian tire, peeked in the sally anne for some second hand boots for him ( there were none) looked around in the newish a thousand villages store
and even gots my Apo ticket !!!!!!!!!!!! :
* happy dances*
  So, i fersure get to see my other true love, Antero in a month.squueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee JOY.
 i am such a goofy fan grrl. dont care about other concerts. gimme Apo. See? happy as clam.

squee. and then i dyed my hair.  The box said cherry chocolate but its bloody well  a black / red Sangoire, ok?  Love it.
pretty much looks black in all lights but day light, kinda suits me.... Awesome possum.
 see sunlight!

see? not sunlight

 woot i am so easily amused.

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