June 26th, 2008


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 i have a little mole on my face that has been there since forever,lower  right hand side of my mouth, that i dont mind so much. But recently it changed  and seemed bigger and darker to me, so a few days back i started  zapping it a few minutes at night ( along with a crazy zit ive been dealing with ( note to self, when getting a zit do not try to cover with make up, make up BAD) basiclly  telling it to heal and  sort of doing this laser bluewhite light type visualization on it, to remove it.

 Its been about four days, and the bugger is now nearly gone. And it looks GROSS. peeling, blistering and red, but  once that heals, i'm pretty sure the mole will be not there , or at least much  much smaller compared to how it was before.
 pics in a few days once its healed. i'd put up mole pics now ( i have them) but um, like i said, supergross.

 its amazing what the simple suspension of disbelief gets you, eh?
 i heart quantum mechanics.

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yes im a posting fiend today.
... washed my face and soaked  the mole with a hot hot hot cloth repeatedly a few times, then  waited.
 this is my result so far.

there will probably be a scar. but i dont care. omg.
mind over matter, people.if i can do this in only four days, then,literally anyone can.
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